October 29, 2012

I made the Idol lamp with my girlfriend Eliza Mikus. Our concept was to create a light which has his own characteristic. We chose to cut a cubical form with a light strip. We created a light which is lighted itself and the light continuing on the wall and on the floor like a partition wall from light.

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October 11, 2012

I made this work from plaster as a 1th year Product Design Master student. I had to pick three words.

I chose smooth – silence – calmness. I had to make one formstudy from these words. This is the result.

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October 11, 2012

This is an intersection of the torus and the cylinder from plaster. I made it with my hand at the university as 2th yeard Bachelor student 4 years ago. I really enjoyed the making process.

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October 10, 2012

Paprikum – paprika mortar

One of the indispensable elements of the Hungarian culinary culture is hot paprika from Szeged and Kalocsa. Real hot paprika entwined with Hungarian national consciousness so much that it outgrew itself to be a cultural symbol which defines the paprika-like character of Hungarian people. Paprika from Szeged and Kalocsa is a real national spice which is used uniquely in the world’s gastronomy as a powder. In Hungarian households, dried hot paprika is commonly used to season soups and main dishes. However, there is no specific object for crushing and serving the grist neither in the hospitality industry, nor in households.

The Paprikum is intended to serve two purposes:

In the cultural system of the Hungarian hot paprika consumption there is a ritual-like role of the paprika which helps to strengthen the Hungarian paprika farming. The object itself is just a means inside the complex system where the emphasis is on the Hungarian cultural value and its protection.

Buy Hungarian paprika from the small-scale producer on the market or at the greengrocer to strengthen the Hungarian economy. Then dry the paprika in oven at 75 Celsius degrees for 8 hours. Store the dried paprika in a hermetic jar, protected from sunlight. Thus the freshness of the paprika will be conserved until the moment of consumption. The savour, strength and the high vitamin content of the dried paprika will be disengaged from the seeds during the process of the milling.

Drying in the oven is a process that prepares the paprika to a state for grinding as in mills. My purpose with the drying is to draw attention to the uniqueness of the Hungarian paprika.
In the rushing XXI. century people tend to overlook real values. If we stop for a while and take some time to our real values, then intrinsically every Hungarian people respects itself with respecting Hungarian cultural traditions.
The PAPRIKUM is made of red eloxed medical aluminum with an inner 1 mm thick stainless steel box to prevent the steel ball from interfacing directly with the aluminum. Depending on the time of shaking the steel ball we can produce coarse- grained or powder-like paprika grist.

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October 10, 2012

In 2011 270 people froze to death in Hungary: 112 outside, 158 in their homes without having any proper housing facilities. Poor people, who can afford only to live in favelas are mostly the victims of harsh weather conditions. In my opinion, this is a serious problem not only in Hungary, but also in countries where people live under the poverty line and where temperature sometimes goes below 0 degrees Celsius (e.g. in South America and Asia 2000 meters above sea level or in deserts in Africa at night the temperature dramatically drops below the freezing point). Based on my research, the temperature of the human body does not drop if the groin is kept warm. For this reason, I designed a product for survival.

My aim was to help poor people and families who fight the wrath of winters and are forced to live in favelas. Kálha is made out of fireclay material that has very good heat preserving properties. It is made by local potters from local materials and the production cost reaches only up to a few Euros.

One Kálha per person is required, i.e. the number of Kálhas in the household is determined by the number of residents. The primary function of Kálha is survival as it keeps the body warm when the user sits on it. When the Kálha is warm enough, the upper part can be removed and put under the blanket which at night also keeps the body warm. Apart from this, the Kálha can also be used as a stove: the wood inside burns for about 30 minutes and after the Kálha stays warm for 1 or 2 hours.

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Nissyoku / 日食

October 10, 2012

In the Japanese culture, the meaning of light is life and light brings forms alive. According to these, I designed the lamp, and its light determines the object’s character, existence and meaning. I was inspired by the process of the solar eclipse, as you can find the light-shadow contrast in the nature the clearest way in this phenomenon.

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In the field of functional lighting, the Nissyoku lamp is not lighting the whole area around it like others do. There is no need to create reading circumstances with all lamps. We use lamps which create enough light to read, and if they become obsolete or we cannot use them anymore, we just throw them away, we are not connected to them emotionally, we use them because of their functionality.

The Nissyoku lamp is a moodlighting lamp, that we don’t use every day, but when we switch it on, we do it in order to find an atmosphere matching our mood. In this way, there will be an emotional connection between the user and the product. If all the objects would be designed according to this method, there won’t be any more waste in the next generation’s society.

The len-form panels found on both sides can move to multiple directions. The way and strength of the light is adjusted by the degree of the turning. The two panels move on the concave surface made out of the intersection of the two globes. The panels are fixed on the lamp by the magnets. The lamp can be switched on or off by touching the middle metal ring.

The magnet is situated on the two len-form panels, and there is metal surface which fixes the magnet. There is a 5W high power LED per panel.